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Healthy Living Part 2

As some know I had recently put my kids and myself on a serious diet change. I'd talked about some of the ways we did this like using Stevia instead of sugar and other such changes.

Stevia is still a nice thing to try. I really like it, especially in my coffee and some of the flavors are great in water too. I personally really only like the peppermint. I haven't tried ALL the flavors though so that may be unfair. Also to be fair i found this article on why it MAY not be a great idea. If you compare the warnings about sweet-n-low though the potential side effects are just as bad or worse. So take it as you will.

We are still eating only chicken, fish, pork and veggies of all types. No red meat, which i have noticed has been much easier for the kids as time has gone by, they also seem to feel better.

They also are still off of Soda's and junk. They're quite a bit less happy about that. They'll get over though i'm sure.

So there ya go, the first new post in what we'll call my Serious place :)

Oughta be interesting to say the least.



Good for you. Your kids might grumble now but when their friends are dropping from heart attacks and are getting diabetes, they will remember what you did for them. Here are a few links to help you on your way.

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