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Hard Work & Love Squandered?

Extreme Makeover House Faces Foreclosure

I read about this today and I'm just really hacked off. How in God's Green earth do you get a free house and then lose the damn thing to foreclosure??? These people were given a free home, it was built to help them get out of the awful living condistions they lived in and what did they do? They mortgaged it for $450,000!!! Can you say Ungrateful any clearer???

I realize the family may have had financial problems but that house was paid for and there was money left for house maintenance as well as the kids college fund. I just don't get it. What was done for them was a labor of love. Do you knw how many people send tapes into Extreme Home Makeover and get rejected every year? Not because they aren't worthy but because there are only so many they can do!! Makes you wonder who these people were chosen over and how they've fared.

maybe i need to find some more compassion in my heart for these people. Maybe there's more to the story that isn't being reported. Regardless, it's very sad and I hope that other future winners see how wrong this is and don't follow in their footsteps.

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