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Portugal Closes The Case

After first hearing about the case regarding Maddie, the little girl who disappeared when her parents left her alone as they ate dinner, I've been praying that she'd be found unharmed. It doesn't appear that will ever happen though. It's a truly unfortunate situation and one that could have been avoided by responsible parents.

I've always had a bit of an attitude towards these 2 people because even though I feel for them as parents, I can't imagine what the hell they were thinking leaving those kids alone while they were more than 50 yards away from the room the children were sleeping in. Then I saw this today.

"They are a wronged couple. For the past nine to 10 months, they have had this agony as well as the pain of losing their daughter,"

The ONLY person who's actually been wronged is Maddie. These people chose to put their children to bed in a hotel and LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! It doesn't matter if they were 50 yards or 500 yards away. They left those children alone in a strange place while they went to have fun with their friends. It was irresponsible, it was neglectful, it turned into a tragedy and they brought it on themselves. They are not wronged parents, they're BAD parents.

I'm not saying they deserved to lose Maddie the way they did, but they deserve to have all the kids removed from their care if those are the sort of choices they are inclined to make. Yes we all make mistakes, we're human and things happen. I get that, but the ONLY innocent person here is Maddie. Her parents may not have hurt her, but they damn sure allowed her disappearance to happen, intentionally or not.


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It is terrible that they have not found her and I have always thought that this never would have happened if her parents had acted as they should have. I could never imagine a reason to leave children alone in a hotel room in another country!

I know that's what i keep saying, and the parents want us to feel sorry for THEM. I just can't. it's that baby i hurt for. I can't imagine how scared she must have been no matter what happened to her. It just makes me ill.