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Alli........Hot or Not?

On my other blog, Nessa's Place I talk alot about diet pills. Mostly because it pays the bills. Hmmmm, sounding Dr. Seussy huh? Anyway, I've stated a few times that i don't take diet pills anymore because i simply don't feel that they work first of all, and secondly they can be seriously dangerous. I know firsthand. As i mentioned over there, I have a Mitral Valve Prolapse caused by taking such things as Super Power3, Metabolife, Mini Thins, you name it. This was back when Ephedra or Ephedrine was in those products so any of these things still available, if any, are probably not AS dangerous as they'd once been. Regardless I can't turn back the clock and in my defense, the packages all swore they were a SAFE way to help me stay energized and lose any extra weight. back then there wasn't any to lose lol. This is Me on those:

Yep, I was itty bitty and this is only 7 years ago. Now, i weigh a bit more but not necessarily because I don't take diet pills. It's because back then I worked in a law office and I was constantly on the move. Now I work from home and that's added a few pounds to the uhhhhhh ......everything. I'm closing in on 40 now too so that doesn't help matters.

So when I saw Alli In Wallyworld, I thought, Oh yeah whatever, it's just another diet pill. What I was surprised to find out is that it really isn't. It doesn't promise to curb your cravings. It doesn't promise a miracle either. It just says, it ASSISTS you in reaching your goal by working along with your sensible diet and exercise plan. Get that? You have to make a serious decision to change your life FIRST.

In my personal opinion, if you make a serious step towards weight loss you don't need a $50 bottle of pills to assist you with anything. I did try it though for 2 months and I can't honestly say it did anything for me that I couldn't have lived without.

The basic mechanics of the pill are when you eat fatty foods, it helps you rid your body of them faster. I'll leave you to figure out how that occurs. If you aren't eating fatty foods, it really serves no purpose and you're going to lose weight anyway. I just don't see the benefit.

Now i WILL say that if you are someone who has a hard time really cutting back and you need some help to get started, Alli might be just what you need. There's a trap there though. You can't decide that since you're on it you can gorge on pizza, ice cream and hamburgers since Alli helps you digest those things quickly. Sure it does, but let me tell you, before it's all over with, you'll be one miserable puppy. I suppose you could consider it a lesson learned afterwards, but the question is, will you LEARN the lesson? Probably not.

For me, it was a waste of $50. For someone who needs the help, it may be $50 well spent. It has nothing in it to make you jittery, in fact unless you eat fatty foods you'll notice no effect at all.

So if you're looking for that miracle in a pill, sorry, Alli isn't it. It can be just that, a friend in your weight loss goals but don't expect to wake up in a week 50 pounds lighter. It doesn't happen.

Get up, exercise, chase your kid around the house, get out in the sunshine, eat right or at least better and get your energy by feeling good about yourself no matter your size is and smile often. You'll be happier and around $50 richer.

On the Mom-O-Meter, Alli scores about a 6. Mostly because it's maker is honest about what it does and because it does do what it says, but minus 4 points because it's too expensive for the average consumer and because you can achieve the same results without it.

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