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Check These Out

I hopped around in the Frogpond again today and thought i'd let you all know about some of the newest Featured Frogs at Bzz Agent.

ChaCha is a great way to search. You can call them or text message a question about anything within reason, and get an answer from a real live human. Awesome huh? I call it A search Engine with a brain and no tacky results unless you ask for them. They also hire people to work from home last i heard so check them out.

Ever wanted to call someone and leave them a message but you know they can't answer? Maybe they're at school or a meeting or sleeping even. Slydial lets you call and leave a message without the phone ever ringing for the person you are calling. Kinda cool really and it's love love free stuff.

Advance America is sponsoring a $50,000 contest. To enter, you tell them about someone who is always there for you. If you win, you receive $25K and so does the person who's always there for you. Typically you'll never see me recommend you go anywhere near a cash advance company but for this purpose it's okay. Just don't apply for anything else.

Last but not least, is Smilebooks. Smilebooks turns your photographs into beautiful real books. Best of all, not only are they fantastic but their prices for the service are fantastic. Even their shipping is very much affordable. Smilebooks would make a great present for Christmas, Mothers day, Graduations, you name it. The possibilities are endless. Plus, you create the book, with downloaded free software. The software is packed with features and very easy to use. Download it and see for yourself.


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