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Freebie Friday

I don't know about you guys but i love freebies. I have this drawer full of them lol. I don't order anything I wouldn't use, that's abusing the system, BUT I do order them to have on hand in case of emergencies. Ya know, ya run out of shampoo or hand soap, and don't have time for a trip to the store....freebies are great for that. I also put them together and make a basket of things for people in the hospital and such. I've always got lotion, shampoo, and soap samples so they come in handy or that or even when the kids go to Church camp Having these things on hand saves me a ton rather than trying to outfit 3 people with all the necessities. Plus, it's fun to get little surprises in the mail everyday and almost all freebies come with great coupons too. Double bonus. Soooooooo Freebies i found for today are:

Degree Antipersperant For Men
Dogster Pet pal Pack: You get Febreze samples. Sort of a pain to enter because you ahve to sign up for dogster, quickly create a page for your pooch then you enter. Hint: after entering your dogs page, click on this link again to get to the part where you order the freebie. It's the fastest way.
Pedia Pop: Electrolyte saple for munchkins and this one actually tastes really good so they'll drink it. Also read here for some important information on dyes.
Nature Made Vitamins: free 14 day sample of your fave Vitamin. Choose from Calcium, Multi-Complete, Multi For Her, Super B Complex, C and D.
Sundance Organic Teas: This tea is REALLY good and for Free?? It's even better!
Stationary Kit: From Akta Lakota Museum & Cultural Center, Really nice native American Set. They do solicit for donations to help their school but you aren't under any obligation. They actually send out alot of goodies all through the year and i generally send them $10 since it's a very worthy cause.

So there you are, get your freebies while they last and watch the mail for them. Once you have ordered a few you'll see that almost every day you have a goodie in the mail to help make all those bills seem alot better. Blech.


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