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Green Mommy Guide Contest

I Just love Green Mommy Guide. It's just recently that I wanted to do anything to do more to help the Earth and my family's daily life. In some cases it takes baby steps. There's so many habits to break and so much to learn. Green Mommy Guide as well as a few others are really helpful in my quest to be a greener mommy.

I also love contests, and this weeks Green Mommy Guide Giveaway is Fierce!!! Fierce Hugs that is. She's giving away a Fierce Hugs Tote Bag. I don't know about you but I love Totes. They're great for my crafts and such. Especially when i'm crocheting. I just toss my yarn into one and I can crochet anywhere I want.

Entering to win is easy too. Visit Green Mommy Guide to see how. (Look in the upper left corner) Contest ends 8-17.

GMG is also launching a new blog directory. Click here to see how to get your blog listed.


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