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Need Baby Items? Have Some? Swap Em!

I was asked by a friend in my Freecycle Group to review a site called Swap Baby Goods.
I figured it would be just another of those sites where people are constantly begging for items they can't afford. I don't mean that in an unkind way. In my freecycle group I often have to delete posts where people are just asking for impossibly long lists of things.

It's like " I'm having a baby, now i need people to supply me with everything for it". I'm sure that's not how they mean it and in my eyes, if you can save money trying to raise a munchkin, go for it! But when they post that they specifically need a Jenny lind crib in a certain price range and only designer maternity clothes will do, i have to say enough is enough. So I was just a little leery about doing this review.

I have to say i'm pleasantly surprised though. There is a Wanted Items List, but i can't really say I saw anything I would object to. All things seemed to be within reason and the site does seem to regulate that anyway. There's a Freebies for Moms link too.

I also found that registering is free, so is listing your items. You can swap or sell. It's your choice but the items must be baby/toddler goods or mommy to be things. Coupons are given away as well.

There's also a monthly $25 gift certificate to the top swapper each month. This is done to encourage swapping items which in turn helps parents go green and help the planet.

All in all, i think this is absolutely a fantastic site for parents and the earth as well. Some of the listings i checked out were well worth looking into for sure and could save a new parent a great deal of money.

I wish I'd known about this place when i bought the crib for my stepson's baby. I spent quite a bit on that little bed and just found another one on this site for a much better price.

Give it a look and see what you think.

On the Mom-O-Meter i give it a solid 8 out of 10. The concept, the price and the "green" message are certainly fantastic. i did have some trouble getting it to connect to all pages in a timely manner and i did find a few teeny issues but nothing that would keep me from using the site if my kids were still small.

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