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No Pudge Brownies?

I Love Brownies. Absolutely love them. Unfortunately they're very fattening. So, I'm always looking for ways to cut the fat and calories they contain in order to enjoy my favorite treat. At the grocery store the other day I found an easy way to do exactly that.

No Pudge! Brownie Mix is one fantastic way to have my treat and eat it too lol. Instead of oil you add yogurt to the mix, stir well and bake. No oil, no eggs, nothing else, just yogurt. The kids were really hesitant to try them and to tell the truth so was I. If you think about it, it doesn't even SOUND like it could be good.

In the interest of my brownie addiction though I tried it out to see what it's like. The first one I tried, was the Original flavor. Nothing fancy just fudge brownies. I made them like the package said and i wasn't too impressed at all. They weren't bad, just not that good. It's possible that I just expected something like I normally make and wasn't comparing apples to apples. I had purchased 3 flavors though so last night I decided to try the Mint Flavor.

I'm hooked now. The package suggests you can add an egg if you like more cakle-like brownies. I really don't but the previous batch just seemed too dry. So I added an egg and the yougurt, as well as some creme de menthe liqueur and they turned out better than any other brownies ever. The egg does bring up the caloric amount but not that much per serving. I cheated a good bit with this batch too and i chopped up andes mints and topped the brownies with those when I got them out of the oven. Tye mints melted on top to make a glaze and it's just almost to die for. I keep thinking it'd be even better on ice cream or frozen yogurt but haven't tried it yet.

I have a cappucino flavored mix in the cabinet and I almost can't wait to try those now. It's definitely worth adding the egg in, plus it makes the batter slighly easier to mix. So I do recommend taking that step. You could also add egg beaters or something like that i'm sure to reduce the caloric value.

They also have instructions on the box telling you how to make one serving at a time in case you are worried you'll eat the whole box at once lol. I thought that was cute.

They come in Original, Mint, Cappucino and Raspberry flavors and it's relatively nicely priced everywhere I've found them.

So if you're like me and want to save some calories and enjoy a healthier treat, give them a try. You just might like them as well.


**This is NOT a paid post, nor was I requested to review this product. I purchased the product and I am sharing my opinions on it for my own purposes.**

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I just found your blog, and I have made those brownies. The whole family liked them, though skeptical until the first bite. Mint is our favorite.