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Update on the Trish Berg Site

The lady herself commented on my post about her and said *I* rock lol. I can only hope someday to achieve what she has or just to even have so many fantastic resources and tips for Moms. So the compliment has me on cloud 20, I passed 9 way up.

Anyway, enough about me, I wanted to share what she said because there's useful info in that as well! You'll like this I think, I know I do.


WOW! Thanks for the sweet words of encouragement!!! I kind of needed that this week.

I am so glad you found my site, liked it, and that you took the time to share information about my website with other moms out there.

My whole goal is to help moms simplify motherhood, and get back to enjoying the journey.

I also give away free books every week, so be sure to pop in to my 3 blogs for more details.

And, Nessa, you ROCK!!!

Hugs- Trish

So there you are, get over there and enter to win. I'm going right now!

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