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Falling Back Into Bad Habits

Still haven't had any cokes/soda. I can't say i'm not craving them unfortunately, I just haven't given in. I did however cave to drinking tea again. I'm so totally blaming Jenny over at The Up The Hill Gang too lol. She started talking about sweet tea and before i knew it, BOOM, I was making it. And not just tea either. A whole cup of sugar per gallon Tea!!! And every calorie is going straight to my ass. I'm sure of this. Aye aye aye............. oh well, at least it tastes REALLY good, and technically i never said i was giving up tea............just cokes. So doesn't that mean i'm not REALLY cheating???

Someone just nod, help a gal out.



Im a recently diagnosed type1 diabetic, yea I know late in life to be getting juvi diabetes, but thats for another post.

Ive had to give up all my sugar drinks and energy drink in favor of not going into diabetic ketoacidosis and becoming a corpse. Im a very picky person and those drinks were so very yummy. I really can not stand anything diet wise as they are pretty raunchy tasting. I have found that Diet IBC rootbeer is both sugar and caffine free and tasts so close to the regular that my tastebuds dont mind. Coke zero surprisingly tastes exactly like coke, just without all the sugar and calories. If your like me then you probally drink enough of these drinks to be counted as a meal at the end of the day. As far as the beautiful sweet tea this is quite a dillema I mean ... How can a person live without this. Obviously for me I coudlnt just drink regular sweet tea for the whole corpse thing, and unsweet tea... yikes... If your in the southern area of things here as I suspect you are try finding some Milo's sweet tea, made with splenda. Usually to me anyway splenda products taste more sweet than the orignal but surprisingly the milo's tea or I suppose you could get purity's version tastes just like the real thing just without all the calories and sugar. Healthy sweet tea life is complete eh?


I have given up sodas (actually just getting used to diets occasionally) too. I can't make sweet tea anymore or I will most definitely drink it. This used to be a daily drink in our home (every dinner). My husband is getting used to the change.
Sorry, I guess that's not the nod you were looking for.
*You'll thank me later :)

I love diet coke. Can't give it up. But I've given up meat. Does this count?