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A Great Site

Yesterday I was looking for something totally not related to this and came across it anyway. Fate perhaps? Regardless, what I found was Spark People. It's a weight loss help site and it is sooooo cool. I put all my food for the day, all my workout info and it tracks how well I did and how close to my goal i am as well as providing groups for motivational support. Ash joined it too and she did get involved with some groups for her age. I haven't messed with the groups so far though. Probably won't. Between my yahoo groups and such, not to mention work, I don't have time to take on more.

Anyway, no, i'm not being paid to tell you about it lol, so I really mean it when I say it's great. check it out if you get a chance.



I like the name of the group...

I personally need a big spark under my behind to get me back on my weight loss track.

I don't see it happening anytime soon though.

The Sparks recipes are really good too! I think it was the creamy chicken enchiladas that we tried last...they were wonderful!

I'll check it out! Thanks for the info. I also noticed you changed your template. It looks good!