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Yesterday I updated the freebies site. For those of you interested, Bayer is giving away a pedomoter. Great for calculating calories burned and such. They say the more steps you take per day, the healthier and slimmer you will be. On my walk yesterday i took 2703 steps. Considering my biggest commutes are usually ummmm 10 steps lol from bed to office, 30 to the kitchen and about 30 to the bathroom, and 45 to the laundry room...........i like quadrupled times a hundred my daily steps. Ok fine so i didn't really do the math but it was a freakin lot and it's uphill the whole first portion. I feel it too, but it's GREAT. Except for that damn little chihuahua that insists on sneaking up and scaring the livin crap outta me. I wonder how many calories that burns???

Anyway, click on the freebies icon over there ----> and look for the Bayer link so you can get your free pedometer while they have them.



I need to find a place that is walking friendly. We have coyotes and rattle snakes....

Well Thank. You!! I've always wanted a pedometer and now I'll be receiving mine in 6-8 weeks! Woohoo!!! They better not run out...