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Weight Loss Hypnosis

About 6 months ago i had found this free hypnosis site. At the time I guess I was thinking maybe there'd be something on there that would convince me that chocolate is bad. Who knows what I was thinking really? I wasn't desperate or anything, just seemed like a good idea

Soooooooo, now 6 months later i remember that i downloaded it and decided to put it on my old mp3 player. I laid down and turned it on.....first there's an advertisement. I'm thinking " great, no fast forward button" I so totally hate commercials.

Anyway, the rest of the hypnosis session went something like this:

Guy: you are feeling very relaxed, you feel a wonderful sensation in your feet as they relax
Me: actually my big toe itches

Guy: the sensation moves up to your ankles, feeling wonderful, relaxing......your feet have nothing to do.
Me: Great the itchiness moved to my ankle.

At this point i pause the recording, scratch my toe and ankle and try to get back to relaxing

Guy: Picture yourself on a hill
Me : Can you be more specific? Like what sort of hill?

Guy: A hill above the beach, the grass is swaying........there's a light breeze. you feel the sun on your shoulders and head
Me:Oh that sort of hill

He gets a bit farther.........supposedly i'm walking down a path through trees to the beach. I've seen 2 beaches, Florida and Texas, oh and NC, so that's 3.........I can tell you now where the beach is there are no damn trees!!! Soooooooo that threw me off a bit.

Guy: as you walk down the path small limbs brush against you:
Me: Okay I swear I saw this branch in my way and i made a " UGH " face when i heard this lol. I KNOW he meant a small pleasant branch but he obviously hasn't walked through the trees in Texas.

This was where i said, "I give up". I don't know if i just couldn't relax enough for it to really get to me, or if i'm just resistant to hypnosis. Maybe i'll try again tonight and give it another chance.

For anyone interested i'll find the link and post it here shortly. Maybe it can help someone else.



Perhaps the induction was the wrong type for you. You seem to be literal and analytical, so there are different methods of getting into hypnosis for someone like yourself. I have general audios as well, but with someone like you, I approach the session differently. Thanks for this blog, I can see I want to create an audio for the analytical mind.