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Catching Up

Sorry there haven't been many updates over here lately. Nothing all that meaningful anyway. Last week was a bit rough. Just over a week ago, i found a knot in my breast. It's been really scary but I do not believe it's really anything to worry about. There's no family history at all as far as i am aware of. There are a few unknowns on my fathers side and i'll check into that today to be sure.

Anyway judging by how fast it's grown and the pain associated with it as of yesterday i honestly feel it's a cyst or fibrosis of some kind but i am going to have a mammogram the 27th, to be sure. I did go to the doctor yesterday and both doctors said they felt it's nothing to worry about at this point, but to be safe we'll do the mammogram. Don't worry, i'll live just because it will piss some people off lol.

So anyway, with worrying about that, playing with Hannah and working with the kids, on top of work itself, plus getting ready for Daniel's graduation it's been busy.

A new find for you courtesy of of Bzzz Agent is ProQuo. Now *I* personally think this site has a great idea. They are trying to help people end all the junk mail. That would help the forests and landfills but in many cases they say you have to mail a letter to end the junk mail with certain companies which causes you to use paper AND spend money on a stamp. I don't see the point when I can find the 800 # and make the company pay for the toll call while i tell them to please take my name off their mailing list. It takes a few minutes, costs no tree's their lovely lives, i'm not forced to buy stamps at a ridiculous price and's free other than my time. I love it.

For those of you who;d rather go the other route though, Proquo is a good idea and there are some companies they can help you with that don't require mailings.

Now, Someone else asked about how to sign up with Bzz Agent. It's super easy and great fun. Just click the link and then click "Become An Agent". Simple as that. If you need any help, just ask ::smile::

Well i guess that's about it. Time to go back to work, but check out my other blog later today for a story i plan to write based on the Emergency room trip last night. You'll squirm, you'll wince and you'll be alot more careful about sticking your tongue out EVER again lol.



I hope everything turns out OK. If the doctor's say they don't think it's too serious then try not to worry too much (I know hard to do). Good luck and take care.

Oh goodness, I've been through that and it's tough not to think about it and just continue on with your daily life. I'm glad you had it checked by a doctor and I'm sure you'll feel better once the mammo has been done.