It's My Blog And I'll Say What I Want To


Lori Drew was indicted today in regards to the suicide of Megan Meyers. I'm really happy to see this because frankly the woman deserves to go to jail. I think in a way i understand the WHY's of what she did, but she shouldn't have acted on them. If you don't know what I'm talking about, the whole story is here. It's rather convoluted and of course it depends on whose version you believe as to what happened. The bottom line is, a teen took her life over the whole thing and well...i feel her side is the only one that matters anymore.

Nothing will bring her back of course, but Megan at least deserves the justice of knowing that the cruel pranks perpetrated against her won't be swept under the rug. Had it been other kids who did this it would be no less wrong or evil, but the fact that a MOTHER would conceive of this plan and follow through with it, is just sickening.

Sure i believe Lori did NOT intend for Megan to kill herself. The fact is though that she DID and the woman doesn't even have the decency to just take the responsibility for her actions. She just keeps blaming Megan. Sick Sick Sick.

No punishment will bring Megan back to her family or make this whole horrible situation any better, but at least maybe it will send a message that this type of behavior isn't funny, it's cruel, it's sick and sometimes the worst happens.

Also, If you know a child who's having trouble dealing with a bully, there is some awesome advice at BullyPolice USA for parents, teachers and even children. If nothing else go look and see how your state handles your child's safety in school. It's amazing that some states don't think it's even necessary to bother educating kids in how to help themselves when they are being tormented in school.

Sure the parents should be teaching their kids, but when kids are away from us, they do things they wouldn't dare do in front of us. Not only that but they don't always tell us when others hurt them because if they do, then they're a tattle tale and it just gets worse. When parents and the school come together and say "Bullies will not be tolerated" and then back it up, school will become a much more effective tool than it is today.

And don't throw out that lame ass speech about how " oh I was bullied when I was a kid and it didn't affect me" BS!!! It doesn't affect you NOW, but you're lying if you say it didn't at all back then. Even if you struck back, and stopped it, it affected you enough to cause you to defend yourself. Why in the world would you wait to see how your own child handles it? Some children don't discuss it, they handle it by harming themselves and still others decide on a Columbine or Virginia Tech inspired revenge. Sad but tragically true.

So yeah, i'll be watching closely to see what happens with Lori Drew. I don't want to say I hope she goes to prison forever, but i do want to see her make it as right as she can. Take some responsibility. Maybe if kids see that an adult can cause this sort of horrible thing to happen and be prosecuted for it, maybe some of them will learn the lesson as well.

I can hope anyway.