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More Stuff I Found

Yes I've been surfing again, mostly in the frogpond and found these today.

Recipe Matcher is a site where you go put in what you have in the pantry that you'd like to use and they give you recipes for them. It's really neat and easy to use too, BONUS!!!

This one i don't see as all that useful, but it cracks me up, so I feel the need to share it. Whoissick ( Who Is Sick ) is a site where you go in and if you are sick you type in your zip code and your symptoms so others can see what's going around the neighborhood. If I were less nice than I am, i'd sooooooooooooo have fun with this site. I dare not even say how i'd do this, but it'd be fun fun fun. Too bad i'm nice huh? So anyway i think this place is useless except maybe for people who are less nice than me.

The last one is This place is almost as useful but funnier than who is sick. WHY? Because here you can read disputes between neighbors and report yours for anything you want. As long as they never see it you'll get away with it too. This is another of those " oh boy you better be glad i'm a nice person" places. I could really mess with some psycho's with this one. Luckily, I'm too nice OR i have even better places i can't advertise due to what i may have already done. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ( I can see them all now, running to find a way to track me on the Internet ) Seriously, save your brain cell. I haven't put anything anywhere....i have MUCH better things to do with my time.

So anyway, there ya go, 3 "great" finds, have funnnnnnnn and if you post anything bad about your neighbor, make sure you don't mention i told ya about the site. I have enough stalkers dammit!!!