It's My Blog And I'll Say What I Want To


Since I have to work part of Mother's Day, the kids wanted to go to the zoo and celebrate Mothers Day early this past week. I wanted something comfortable to wear so Ash and I went to the mall. She bought a cute lil dress thing. She didn't try it on just threw it in the pile. I did try some things on and was sooooooooo excited because i went down 2 whole sizes!!!!! I came out smiling and told her and she made a face at me lol.

So we get home and she tries on her dress and she comes running to my room with this AMAZED look on her face and goes " it's too big". Turned out we had to go get her a smaller size too. Down from a 15/17 to an 11/13.

It was awesome for her to finally see results. Sooooooooo all the healthy eating is really making a difference. Gotta love it. Now if she would just clean her room.........::sigh::