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Tommorrow is the day

So Tomorrow (Tuesday) I go for the tests. I'm alot calmer about it now than i had been. Partially due to drugs. Yeah I know, not good for me, but it's only temporary. A week ago I started having panic attacks and after 3 days decided it was time to talk to the doctor. She put me on something to calm me down and it's worked almost from the first dose. The kids didn't witness the panic attacks thank goodness but Hunni and my sister sure heard all about it lol.

I wasn't mad or anything just couldn't stop crying. I was a mess.

Sooooooo, then as if all that wasn't enough, as i mentioned on the other blog, the AC went out. Daniel and I spent several days working on it but it still didn't fix it. Sooooooooo i've been trying to figure out what to do about that and got great news this morning.

My sister has been asking around about anyone who might have some window AC's we could use til we get the motor for the other AC replaced. A wonderful man who's name I don't know told her that he had 2 units we could buy for $50 each. Way affordable!!! he said he had to check them to be sure they both worked though. Apparently they both Do work and when my sister asked about how we'd pay for them, he told her they were free. He said " God told me to give them to her". Is that not beautiful?

The best part about this other than the generosity of a stranger is that the new meds make me really sick if I get too hot. So, this is a blessing in many ways. PLUS, since Hannah was put on the new anti-seizure meds she has the same issue. So if the house wasn't sufficiently cooled she couldn't come stay with me any longer which would just break my heart. My medication is temporary, hers may not be. Soooooo til we move this is a workable solution and i am so very thankful that God loves me as he does.

Well, guess i better find something useful to do. Maybe try again to learn to knit. So far it's just not working.

Wish me luck tomorrow, I'm scared but i have faith that things will be fine.

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