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Did I Mention I Hate Doctors

I went and got some of the tests done yesterday. I have to have some more done so i still don't know anymore than I did when i left the house yesterday morning. I pretty much just came home and cried. I'd really hoped for more information if not a clear and concise " thumbs up" from the doctor. There's still hope though so i won't complain.

I was a bit upset at hunni though. As scared as I am he pretty much abandoned me all weekend. I know he said that his parents came to Denver to see him and I understand they are important to him, but for once I really needed him. I Know , I know, totally selfish and i'll get over it. I really thought he was actually in Florida but he swears he wasn't and I can't think of a reason he'd lie so i guess i'm just emotional and taking it out on him. I'll owe him a big apology i'm sure by the time it's all over with. Luckily he knows me well enough to know that I am upset and scared and he will hopefully forgive any bitchiness. We talked about it for about an hour yesterday and i'm pretty sure he understands. I just wish we didn't even have to talk about it. Gawd i can't wait to find out for sure.

Soooooooooooo, there ya go. I still know nothing. Here's hoping the wondering ends soon. if not i really WILL be crazy before long lol.


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Ugh...I hate waiting on test results. I'll keep on praying for ya...

Nessa: I, too have been through the gamut of tests. Keep to your routine and don't change your life. Take any help that is offered to you. Contact me personally if you would like.

Thank you, i'm really just keeping myself busy and trying not to worry much.

that's the way to do it!! and, take the anti-anxiety meds they gave you. that's standard for waiting for results these days.

Hope all is okay!!!! I was dropping by to thank you for being an EC top dropper on my blog for May! I gave you some linky love as a thank you over at my blog :)