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Weight Loss Update

I can't honestly say i know how the heck i'm still losing weight. I've cheated pretty consistently for 2 weeks. Cokes, cokes, ice cream, cokes. You get the point. I think it's my way of dealing with this health scare. Not that it's okay, but i think that's the reason. I haven't walked either but that's only because between the 3 jobs there's just not been time.

Anyway, the weight is still coming off. I have started doing some new things that are probably the cause, but who knows for sure?

I've started taking Turmeric as of about a week ago. It's really helped with generally feeling better overall. I'd tell you about ALL the benefits but i think it's easier to let someone else tell you since they do a much better job. Jackie over at Herbs 'N Oils has the most fantastic site for herbs and their uses that i have come across. I also like EarthClinic for herbal remedies but Jackie i think explains the benefits better.
I also started taking Chromium to try and help jump start my metabolism. I dunno if it's doing that or not lol, but it's supposed to be.

So i'm down almost one more size. You'll notice i'm not saying WHAT size that is lol.

Ash is still doing great too. She got into some shorts the other day that she hadn't been able to wear for 2 years and went skipping through the house. Was good to see her so happy.

Well that's about it. We're just plugging away at it and determined to get back to a healthier weight and a happier Bikini Bod.

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Way to go! You absolutely rock! Congratulations... So, are you adding tumeric to your food or actually taking it? Interesting.