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Free Magazine Subscriptions

About 2 months ago I learned about Adperk from Kacie over at Sense To Save. I really like Kacie and pretty much take what she says to heart but i was a little skeptical about this one. She said she just watched about 17 minutes worth of short video's and earned a years subscription. I didn't think it could really be THAT easy, but guess what? It REALLY is. I watched a few videos and earned a year's subscription to Redbook. I just checked the site and soon they'll have Marie Claire, Country Living, Cosmo and several others. I can't wait.

If you like magazines give it a shot. It really is completely free and it takes about 4-6 weeks to get your first magazine. A monthly just for me freebie!!


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I'm glad you thought it was worthwhile! I'm also excited for when they offer new magazines.

Most magazines can be purchased really cheap online, but why pay even a few dollars if you can get it for free, ya know?

Thanks for your kind words!

A neat way to earn a free magazine subscription...thanks for sharing this!