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Health Update

Someone emailed e the other day and asked how i've been and if i've had the lump in my breast diagnosed yet. The answer is no. I mentioned in the other blog that i'd been in a great deal of pain due to something being wrong with my right arm. It's believed now that i have a pinched nerve in that arm and that the lump in my breast is another matter altogether.
As soon as I get the other tests, i'll know more about what this lump in my breast is as well as the new one that's come up in my right arm. I'm praying this new one means it's definitely not a big deal and that i've worried for no reason.

Lately i'm just trying to get things taken care of, working and trying not to think alot about it. I know it does me no good to sit and worry so i try not to. I get up, take the pain meds and go on with the day.

I do have a great support network. My Mom, my Dad, my sisters and even the kids are there for me and they keep me sane. Mostly by just being their normal selves lol. I think i'd go nuts if they babied me.

So anyway, i'd already answered the people who emailed me but figured it'd be easier to just post it so that others know as well.

Other than this, not much else is going on. We're still eating healthier, we're all losing weight slowly but surely and life is good. Not alot more I can ask for.


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