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Fun Online

I'm not much of a gambler myself but I know that there are a great deal of people who really have fun with it. I joke all the time about how i'm going to win the lottery someday but I never buy lottery tickets. So i'm not sure how I'll accomplish that but hey, you never know right?

Anyway, I usually play casino type games at a popular game site that supposedly awards cash prizes to it's players who get jackpot spins. Well, I can tell you i've played there for 6 years and i know ONE person who has actually won anything and that's it. So, i'm fairly sure they aren't telling the truth about those prize winners they're always announcing.

I thought about that and started looking to see if there were any fun Online casinos that let you play for free or without having to put alot of cash up to play. I was really surprised that there are some like that. Now that doesn't mean that I think I can just go play at Online casinos and automatically win each time, but i do think that i have a better chance than if I play at the other game site. Plus it's a change of pace and new scenery. Besides all that, sometimes you just gotta take a chance and have some responsible fun.

The only downside I can see to playing online is that unlike Casinos there are no free drinks, but then again, you can play anytime and not have to leave your house. I call that convenient!

Check em out, see what ya think, but of course please play responsibly.

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