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Fun With Pets

I love to play with my doggies. Diesel and I play Ball, Sarge wants to play tug o'war with everything and Max and Sarge both equally seems to love squeakies. The problem is all 3 are big boys and they're toys don't tend to last long. Finding Unique Dog Toys at an affordable price can be tough.

So when i found a great site for Unique Pet Supplies and came across this adorable little guy.

I knew I just had to have him. Is he not adorable? Sarge is in love i tell ya!!! It is durable for tugging and pulling and there's a squeaky in there too. Total doggy heaven. Plus it's a good sized toy so it's no little bitty thing. Sargie has been having a great time with it. He chews it, he slings it around, he steps on it so it will squeak, then he barks at it. It's a long process that keeps him busy and out of trouble. He's a chewer and we have a hard time getting him to stop, but when he has his toys he's a good boy and that makes this toy worth it's weight in gold. I can't tell you how much Sarge has destroyed, but i promise you, nothing is sacred from those teeth when he gets going.

Minnie isn't into the toys that the boys like. I'm pretty sure she thinks she's not a dog anyway. So we have a harder time finding Unique Small Animal Toys that will suit her picky tastes. She generally like soft babies and nothing at all squeaky. If it makes sounds she gets mad. So she got some goodies too. They all did. Soooooo, They're happy, Momma's happy, it's all good

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