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Happy New Year

Start the new year off with these sites I found courtesy of Bzz Agent

This first one i think is just sort of dumb but I can see the potential for evil things to be done by using it. Hence the reason i'm including it. Give yourself or someone else a whole new smile. Visit Venus Smile Makeover

Want to teach your kids about marketing and let them make a few extra dollars? let them build their own store filled with items from many merchants. There's a 2 month free trial you can take advantage of as well to see if you or the munchkins like it. it seems to be pretty safe as far as protecting the kids goes. Visit BIZKIDZ.COM Be sure to read the faq section too for more info.

This I really like! Want to see what kind of change you can help make happen? Want to see just what you can do?
Visit We Are What We Do I love this place.

Need a smile? Visit Cute Overload and you won't be disappointed. Lots of cute furbaby stuff and tons of smiles included free of charge.

Want free music for your facebook page. Visit Mobile Music Scene powered by AT&T and get some! Great selection and easy to use.

That's all for today, Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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