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Just Something Cute

I was looking for a way to create a cute signature for my blogs this morning and found out that Dollzmania has a signature maker. It's really neat and easy to use too! Just drag and drop what you like and then save it. Oh and it's FREE in most cases. Gotta love free.

I also think this site is great to play in to make dolls. It's sort of like playing paper dolls but you choose the bodies, the heads, the clothes, even accessories like pets and such. You can save them and post them in forums and blogs but mostly it's just sort of a cute way to kill time.

I will say that parents should be careful. There are a few dolls that have the option to add breasts that would be covered by clothes. Not all of the dolls have this option and you should check to see which ones you feel it's okay for your child to design with. Personally i don't think it's that big a deal really but some might so those people have been warned. Other than that it's a safe site, turn off or hide the chat option and let your little one have some fun.


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