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10 Minute Solution-Latin Mix Review

In my efforts to look for a fun way to lose weight and get in better shape, I decided to try one of the 10 Minute Solution fitness Dvd's. I chose the Fat Blasting Latin Dance Mix. With routine's like Salsa Slim Down and Tango Toning Twist I thought it'd be alot of fun and since the routine's are 10 minutes each that it would be easily incorporated into my day.

I was actually right on both counts. It IS fun and it IS easily incorporated but you almost realy have to know some latin dance steps to follow along with any success at all. The instructor is high energy and she's not annoying like some of the instructors on these things can be but she doesn't really explain steps very well. So when you try to follow along it's awkward and makes a person feel about as coordinated as a cow.

Another downside is that there's really no warm up period to wake the muscles up before you get started in these fast paced dance moves. So people who are out of shape and just starting out may find this a little hard to start off with.

I won't say it's a bad program though. I can see where it would be fun and after the steps are learned you can take the steps to the club with you too if you like to go out dancing.

I'm thinking that I will set it aside for now and get something with a little more of a beginners touch and then go back to it for maintenance once i get where i want to be. For the price and what it offers it's a nice product. It's just not exactly beginner friendly.


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Nice review! I might have to check out one of those videos. Thank you for sharing.