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Goodies For Kitty

I have 2 great things to tell you about for Cats. If you're owned by one, listen up.

As much as I adore my Texakitty. He has a flaw. He's a scratcher. We've fought and fought about this and there's just no getting past it. When we moved to the new house i was even more determined to win this battle of wills. Til 3 days ago I was losing.

There's this area covered by carpeting around my tub. For whatever reason Tex and Poppa both like to scratch it then get under the tub via this little access panel. Nothing I have done has made a difference. This is hopefully the worst of the damage.

When I was trying to find a pair of Shoes for Ashley for her military ball, I happened to be near a Petco store. I decided to check and see if they had anything that might help.

I got something called "No Scratch" and let me tell you, I'm so impressed!

All I had to do was spray this on the places they like to scratch and it was supposed to get them to stop. It DID! They don't go near it and i haven't had to sweep up any pieces of carpet for 2 days now! I still almost have a full bottle and it's already done it's job. I think i bought it for a total of $6.79. Soooooooo if you have a scratching kitty, try this out and see if it helps. This is a ton less costly, painful and dangerous than declawing your cat.

The next thing is "Cat Grass". Both my cats are strictly indoor kitties but the vet told me that cats like grass and need it to aid in their digestion. So i bought this cute little bowl that contained dirt and some seeds and decided to try to grow some grass for the two monsters. Not only did it grow, but it grew within a week!There were sprouts almost immediately and within 10 days they were able to start enjoying the grass. They munch on it every day and really seem to love it. As a matter of fact, while I was writing these reviews I caught Poppa having himself a nibble already this morning.

The cat grass was 5.99 at Home Depot but Petco sells a similar product for around $4 and as well as the cats like it, I'm going to say it's well worth the time to try it out.

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My cats don't scratch because they are both declawed but I think my male would love the cat grass. He usually just eats the grass outside.

Well, you learn something everyday.

Hey, thanks for the cat scratching spray tip! I have two cats and I have to pick some of that up and try it!