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My New Favorite Thriller/Suspense Author

I have a really hard time falling to sleep at night. So, I read til I do. It lets me quit thinking about things and relaxes me. I normally read Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson, John Grisham and Tami Hoag, but lately i'm looking for more books by Greg Iles.

The first book I read by him was "Third Degree" and it was awesome! So many twists and turns and not a thing predictable about it. I finished it in 2 days and did nothing else but read that book in that time. Shameful I know, but it was a really good book! I'm now reading "Dead Sleep" and I like it just as much but i'm not reading it as fast. Only because I have to work a bit more and haven't had time to devote to it as completely as i did the previous book.

If you like Thrillers/Suspense novels, try him out. I've definitely added him to my "Must Read" list.


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What was his book about? I read a lot from the same authors that you listed but I haven't read anything by him.

Dead Sleep is about a female photographer who's twin sister has disappeared> The photographer "Jordan" see's a series of paintings called "The Sleeping Women" in which some of the women appear to be dead. These are all women who have been kidnapped as Jordan's sister was. One of the women in the pictures looks exactly like Jordan.

That's the basic synopsis from the back of the book.

24 hours is about a woman who is cheating on her husband and he finds out. Resulting in a swat stand off. This one is really fast paced and gooood. I didn't want to put it down.