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Custom Christmas Cards

As usual, I've waited til the last minute to get Christmas Cards. I'm not sure why I do this. Every year I plan to get them early, get them addressed and ready to drop in the mail before Thanksgiving. I know that after Thanksgiving I'm going to be way too busy to get to all the quick notes and addressing so I PLAN to start early. Somehow It just never happens. As a matter of fact, I still have a box of Christmas cards that I bought roughly 5 years ago that I have never even opened. Luckily I paid a whole dollar for them.

Anyway, this year I've decided to be smarter. I am going to have all my cards custom printed with a message for everyone and I bought labels to print out the addresses. It might seem a little impersonal but truly, when people get these from me it's entirely possible they'll just pass out from shock. If I actually hand wrote them, i might accidentally kill my friends. No point in going too far right?

Sooooo I checked a few printing companies including the big chains to see what these magical cards would cost me and decided most definitely to order them online. For a couple reasons really too. First, the online company will cost me far less even with shipping and I have more choices. Secondly, I work from home. If I take the time to drive to the closest of the big chains, it's going to be at least a 30 minute drive one way. Counting time spent in store, driving and gas, I'll have to give up approximately 3 hours of work which alone will cost me roughly $60 and that doesn't even including the cost of the cards. I won't lose any quality and I'll gain a good chunk of money. It's really only a logical decision to go ahead and order them online in the comfort of my pajama's as i sip hot chocolate and stay warm. Decision made!


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