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Did You Know?

I had always thought that much like everything else women had penetrated pretty much every male dominated sport in the Olympics. Granted, I'm not a huge Olympics watcher so the fact that I didn't know this particular tidbit of info isn't all that surprising, but the tidbit is.

Did you know that Ski-Jumping is not open to women in the Olympics? There's a petition available that is taking signatures of those who would like to see this become an addition to the Olympics and it seems to be gaining ground. From what I can see there really is no particular reason that women aren't allowed at this point. It's more that there hasn't seemed to have been that much interest in having it added until recent years. With the press it's getting I can't imagine the Olympic Committee won't get to discussing this with other participating countries regarding adding the sport.

Personally I think if we have even a couple countries that want to participate then it should be added. You know there'll be plenty more countries joining pretty quickly in the hopes of adding a Gold Medal to their bragging rights. Plus, it's just a good idea. If the guys can have their own figure skating competitions, the girls should definitely be able to ski jump. I'm just sayin....

Maybe I should take Ash on one of those ski holidays and see if she's any good at it. I know if she was there wouldn't be 10 countries that could keep that girl out.


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