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Friday 5.........Being Unreasonable

This should be a pretty easy Meme lol. I've like NEVERRRR been accused of being unreasonable before. And if you believe that.........well lets talk about this oceanfront property I own lol.

Found this cute Meme today and it's so nice outside I've decided to just sit outside and blog. It's just too nice to sit in the house being all cooped up.

So, anyway, this is my first time doing this meme, but it looks nice and the people participating look friendly so if you like meme's too feel free to join in the fun.

1.What’s something you have an unreasonable fear of?

Lol, oh this is easy......Mice and snakes. I swear to God and anyone else listening that I would literally leave my children to be attacked if I saw one. I know this because I have! Saw it, almost climbed my boys heads trying to get away. Luckily they were old enough to dispose of it and not little toddlers or anything lol. They got me back later by convincing me that they had to perform some sort of ceremony to bury it or the mate would come looking for it.

2.What’s something you have an unreasonable fondness for?

Chocolate, you can check the size of my butt to know i speak the truth!

3.What’s something you have an unreasonable disliking for?
Banana's! I won't even let the kids eat them in the house or anywhere near me. They gross me out so bad!

4.Who’s most likely to bring out the unreasonable in you?

it depends, sometimes it's an ex. In general it's anyone who messes with my kids. All reason leaves me and I become something resembling a rabid Mother Grizzly.

5.Who’s the least unreasonable person you know?

My Grandma. I swear if she HAS to say something negative about someone else, she will go out of her way to try and say several NICE things about them too and then she probably prays all night for forgiveness. I love her soooooo much though. She's how people really should be. Kind!



Thanks for the tip about the nail polish. I now must run to walmart and find it. :)

The banana thing is quite funny!

And I'm with you I would totaly leave my kids if a big spider came near me. Poor things, they are only 4 and 7. That's just bad. I think the 7 yr old could handle it though. :)

Definitely guilty of being unreasonable here! It's a feeling that washes over me, and I KNOW I'm being ridiculous, but I don't want to and can't help it. Most worst unreasonable fear is failure. I mean, hello, everyone fails from time to time but I act like the world is going to end if I make a mistake. Glad to be a new follower and thanks for stopping by Griffin's Feathered Nest!