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Girls Talk- Last Song Syndrome

Oh boy,i'm not about to play the one that REALLY pops into my head because it can be kind of offensive and it's loud. For those who like loud music, It's "Crying Like A B*tch" by Godsmack.

The one I will share is the one my boyfriend got me listening to. It's kinda of catchy and fun so no one will be shocked by it lol.

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I'll enjoy dancing to this!

nice beat!

Here is my song. Please dont forget to like my page @ FB. Thanks very much!

Happy GT!

Never hesitate to drop by my home.

it's my first time to hear this song...and i love it already! hehe

whew. I wanna DANCE. nice pick for this week ehehe

hmmm.. nice choice of song..

Godsmack is so different from this kind of music you posted, hahaha! I don't mind loud music, my husband is in a band. :D

I'm sorry for the super late blog-hopping. Here is my Girls Talk LSS entry: Rainbow Connection by Johnoy Danao

made me get up and dance with my daughter! first time i heard of the song and i like it already!