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Mellow Yellow Monday

Monday's are so blah! I really really hate them! Especially the Monday after the Spring time change. BLECH. it should be a holiday. Like "we've screwed up your sleep" day or "Exhaustion day".

Anyway, sometimes the best way to wake up and/or cheer up is to add a little color to your day. What color is more cheerful than yellow? Sooooooo, in order to start coloring my Mondays I decided to start participating in Mellow Yellow Monday. it;s easy to play and there's lots of great bloggers to meet from what I've seen so far. Feel free to play along and color your day too!


These are some tire planters my boyfriend and I made. He cut and wrestled the tires. I watched and then painted lol. They're so pretty ! They're also for sale if you're local and want to buy some ;)



Those are really awesome! :) Those would be perfect for planting time. yaye! visiting you back and Thanks for stopping by!

Adin B