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A New Direction..Again

So here we are, almost a year later and I have finally come back to this blog. I really don't know why i keep abandoning it. Maybe the colors I had here before depressed me. Maybe I just didn't have enough to say to cover 2 blogs. I don't know for sure, but I'm back to work on it again.

To get started, I came across a really cute meme, that involves girls and music. I'm a girl, I love music. It looks like a fit! So here we go, My first installment of Girls Talk.

It appears that this week is all about songs we love. These are usually the songs that make me cry.

I guess this would be my favorite song of that type.

Are you a girl and love music too? I'm sure no one will mind you joining in too. They look like a friendly bunch :)


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great song! i'm wondering if it was inspired by Jerry Maguire or the other way around.

happy weekend!

a freind of mine kepps singing that and cries everytime!!! hahaah, nice music...

i lurve your pick. reminds me of someone told me that line but leave me.huhuuh happy GT!

I was actually thinking of the same thing....heard this line from Jerry Maguire. Didn't know there was a song about it :-)

Happy GT!

waaah! the video wouldn't play..

title pa lng nkkakilig na ha!!

Great song!

My entry is here:

is this the one from the movie, jerry maguire? nice pick

Have a great week girl, here's my entry for this week's GT
I Love Darly!
Food and Passion

lovely, lovely song! this is the first time i heard of it, but i really like the singer's voice. very country.

and hey, welcome to GT! i'm the usually late to comment host. hee hee.