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Reading about zombies

Guest post written by Rachel Stone

When it comes to reading about zombies, I don't just do it for enjoyment. It's like I even read it with a scientific eye because by now I know so many things about zombies that whenever I read something about them that sounds like it doesn't make sense, I'm a little bit skeptical about it. But that has never happened when I've been reading a Max Brooks book. I read the Zombie Survival Guide when it first came out and loved it. So of course I was really excited back when the book World War Z came out.
Now I'm really excited about the movie that they're coming out with for the World War Z book and I like to check what's going on with the filming with my wireless internet New York. I've been reading all kinds of blog posts about how people think that they're going to ruin the source material. But I'm sure that it will end up working out really well in the end. But I guess I'll have to be the judge of that later.