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Second Job

Thanks for the article from Jermaine Haynes

Recently I got a second job that requires me to work late at night. I have to work approximately four nights a week. When this happens I miss seeing all my favorite TV shows. My husband is at home on those nights and gets to watch everything he wants to without having to decide with me what to watch. Thank goodness we have direct TV so I can DVR all my favorite shows. I could not stand it if I had to miss what was happening on Grey’s with Meredith and Derrick trying to adopt their baby. Then I just stay on pins and needles waiting to find out who is going to “get it” on Revenge. I am pretty sure that is my new favorite show. They come up with a new twist each week that sucks me in even more. I am guessing that this is my escape from reality. I can watch all my shows that I recorded on the weekend and stay caught up. My husband thinks I am quite the psycho when it comes to watching my shows, but I don’t think I am any worse than he is about his football games. At least I watch a variety.