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Bzzzzzzz About Soymilk

I tried Soymilk today, Silk Soymilk to be precise and i have to say i really like it. The kids think this is supremely funny because i HATE premade chocolate milk. Talk about gag city. BLECH! But this is really actually good. I had tried others before and you couldn't get me to buy em again lol. Nasssssty!!

Now i DO have to admit that I only tried it because that was what my new Bzz Campaign was for. They sent me coupons for 2 free half gallons and some extra coupons as well. Without that I have to say i probably never would have gone THIS healthy lol.

I'm not ready to say yet that i want to give up regular milk, but i think i can say this is a definite alternative. I'd rather have a soymilk that isn't flavored. I'll check a bigger store this weekend and see if there's one that would be good in my Frosted Mini Wheats. That's the TRUE test after all :GRIN:



Oooh, yes! Silk is the best. They do make an unflavored version and it's great on cereal! :)