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To Pasta or Not To Pasta

As i've said before the kids are really tolerating this new diet pretty well. Not too many arguments at all. I even heard Daniel mention yesterday that he never wanted to have white bread again. If you knew the arguments we have had over the subject you'd faint over that comment from him. I almost did.

When i went to wheat bread he was positive that hunni was somehow to blame. Hunni is a vegetarian, where we ( the kids and I ) are not. So for the longest it was somehow Hunni's fault that we were no longer buying white bread. I'm not sure i follow that logic at all but Daniel's 19 and knows everything. Just ask him lol. Thank goodness he's over that.

This week i imagine i'll have a fight on my hands. The new phase begins. We're cutting pasta down to a once every 2 weeks meal. Tyler ( the 12 year old ) will be the hardest hit by this new law. He thinks if meals don't contain pasta that he's missing something vital. He'd also blow away in a stiff wind so it's not like it affects him negatively. But the rest of us, well, we aren't as fortunate as that lil toot. So he'll have to suffer for the good of the family. I'll reward him somehow later.

Sooooooooooo..............if i disappear a few days, someone send a posse to rescue me from the littlest of the house lol. He can be meeeean when he doesn't get his "sketti".



We don't do white bread any more either but for reasons you might find surprising. Check it out on my blog.

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