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The downside to Spark

Ok, so i told you all about a great site which was Sparkpeople. It really is a great site, the only bad thing is.............I got lazy and i didn't put anything in for 2 days. I'm fairly certain this is gonna put a damper on my recordkeeping because i don't remember what i ate. I know it wasn't much.

Apparently that's my downfall. I didn't get a big ass by eating alot anyway, i got a big ass because i work too many hours sitting on said ass and i wasn't eating the right things. To lose the weight I want to lose i can have a great deal more to eat than I actually consume and i'm falling short in all the categories. Where i can have 1200-1500 calories, i'm consuming around 800. That's not so bad since it's all veggies and things like that. I'm certainly not starving myself. The problem is that i feel tired as all get out and that's probably because my protein consumption is so low. Soooooooooooo, i guess I need to throw some more meat and other high protein foods in the mix and see if that doesn't help me level out somewhat. The kids are eating more of the meat and such than i do so they are fine on their score cards..especially since THEY didn't forget to add their foods in........and they are sure to remind me that i broke the rules too lemme tell ya.

Oh well........guess we'll see what this week brings.



I used that site last year I think... I missed entering in info for like a week (vacation) and then I just lost interest in tracking... I think it's a great site to calculate info but hard to keep up, especially for people who aren't at a computer every single day.
I hope you can find something that works for you! :-)

It probably is a lack of protein causing your tiredness. I know I require a lot of protein. It's just my makeup. I have a couple friends though, that would be fine if they never touched another piece of meat. Try adding a handful of nuts before your meals. Also beans (black beans are my fav) or a protein shake (you can get a protein powder and add it to a fruit smoothie) if you aren't a real big meat lover.

Hope your energy come back soon. Keep us posted!