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Kicking Into High Gear

Yesterday the kids and I went to the park again. It was fun and they had a good time. I played basketball with Daniel and Ty......luckily we all sorta suck at it so they didn't beat me too bad. Anyway, Ash videotaped us acting like idiots and when i replayed the video today I decided i'm still not real happy with my weight. I know I can't snap my fingers and undo years of sittin on my ass at work, but I can do more to get it gone faster. Soooooooooo this weeks starts the new plan.

What is the new plan you ask? I dunno........I've not gotten that far yet lol. I'm thinking it will most likely be more yoga exercises to target certain areas and as i stated before, adding walking or jogging to the routine instead of just the recumbent bike. I'm not going to overdo it or anything, I'll be careful.

The thing is, Daniel's graduation is coming up. I'd like to not be running from the camera lol. Soooooooooooo wish me should be interesting.