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What Amy Grant Forgot To Mention

Yesterday I was watching the Early Show and my favorite Christian singer, Amy Grant, was on there talking about making small changes in your life in order to make it better. Sounds okay right? Great interview, great ideas. Everyone's happy. Or they were anyway.

At the end of the interview Amy shared one of the ways she stays in shape. A Hula Hoop. Sounds safe enough. She explains it works the core. Even points out how when hula hooping your body naturally tenses which assists with working key areas of your body. Sounds better than great!!! I hula hooped my way through elementary and middle school. What a great, fun way to lose weight and exercise!!!

I promptly go to wally world and buy me a hula hoop to add to my daily workout. After I get home from " Nightmare At The Park", ( i'll tell ya about this shortly on the other blog) I decide to try out my new exercise "machine".

First of all lemme tell'd think my ass was big enough to keep the hoop up, but noooooooo it wasn't. I'm still deciding if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I'll let ya know what I come up with. So that was the first lesson........big ass does not guarantee hula hoop success. I never woulda thunk it.

Anyway i get home and attempt several times to hula hoop. Ashley and Tyler and I had a great laugh at me trying to do it first of all. So that was sorta fun. I can laugh at myself. No problem. But Laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...........i start feeling this burn when i breathe in, or move, or hell even think about moving. This hurt more than the strength training, the 30 minute uphill walks or the dog pulling me so that he could go get in the lake. It STILL hurts today too.

Now i know you're asking yourself............will she do this again? The answer is " But Of course". If it hurts, it works . No pain, no gain as they say. I'm a lil peeved with Mrs. Grant for not mentioning this in the interview though. Ya know something like " now if you are seriously out of shape, you're gonna hurt like a bitch and probably shouldn't try it more than a minute a week to start out".

Now i know though and will make appropriate arrangements .

If you'd like to see the interview AND verify the fact that she forgot to mention immense pain it's here.

Have fun if you decide to try it and remember, *I* told you it hurts lol. You'll thank me later .



"big ass does not guarantee hula hoop success." ROTFL!!! :-)

I actually bought a hula hoop about a year ago. My son laughed at me too! I can do it better now than I could when I was young... but I used it for maybe a week and then it got stuffed in the closet... Maybe I'll pull it out tomorrow.

Thanks for the warning...since I have a hula hoop in the garage and I would have done it for more that 5 minutes...

I LOVE Amy Grant too!!!!

Well done on taking a step toward better health. I'm HOPELESS with a hula hoop as well. :( I had no idea it was that good for the core muscles though. I really need to work on mine. Perhaps I need to have a go with my daughters. One minute a week you recommend????

Yep I recommend 1 minute a week cause if yuou are out of shape it will take you the rest of the week to recover lol.

Seriously, it took me 3 1 minute every 3 days might be okay lol.


thanks for sharing :-) haha

Amy Grant is awesome!

hehe.. even when I was really young, I never got the trick to play with hula hoop. It just doesn't stay up.

When I heard it would be good to loose weight, I tried it again. But still, I couldn't get it.

You're so lucky!

I like Amy Grant, too.
I can imagine how my family would laugh if they saw me using a hula hoop. lol :)

Gosh, I can SO NOT hula hoop. I have never been able to figure out this crazy thing! It makes me sick to watch people do it with such ease. I guess if I tried it'd be a good work out, though. *LOL*

Great post, thanks for the laugh.

Have a good weekend.