It's My Blog And I'll Say What I Want To


My Name is Vanessa and I drank 3 cokes this week. UGH. I was doing so good too. Went at least 2 months. Sooooooooooo starting over again. I don't even have a good excuse as to why. Bad bad bad me. Oh well, that's not all i did wrong so in the grand scheme of things............those milk duds probably weren't any better lol. What can i say , it was a bad week.

I did buy some protein bars, natural almonds, apricots and small tuna fish kits for protein and potassium value. They're helping get over that certain part of the day and definitely brought up my protein consumption. Thanks to all of you who suggested things privately and by comment. I asked hunni too. Since he's a Veggie he has to be more careful of making sure he gets protein than *I* do. He reminded me to eat eggs as well as the lentils he got me started on lol. The thing is, I work 16 hours a day usually. I can't run and cook all day. I could ask the kids to do it I suppose but generally they give me those looks like " WTF are you on, you think *I'M* gonna cook???"

Actually to be fair, they get aggravated if they notice i haven't eaten and if i ask they do make it if i can't........they just aren't exactly skipping to the kitchen.

Soooooooo other than cheating with the milk duds and soda's i'm still doing better than i had been by far.

And for those who asked, yes Ashley is doign the right things to lose the weight. She's eating well, and more than anything she's getting up and doing things. That's the key. She really wants to accomplish this and she's trying really hard to up her activities. So i'm thinking maybe during my breaks we'll go walking together too.

She about broke my heart yesterday when she told me the main reason she wants to lose weight is because she thinks her dad thinks she's disgusting regarding her weight. The thing is, she's 17, she's 5'8" and she now weighs 185. She was NEVER really that big. She is just not a teeny tiny girl and never will be. She's not built to be. She's healthy and strong and beautiful in my eyes regardless of what Super Idiot thinks. So that's what i told her and that she can't want to do it for anyone but herself. She's a smart girl and she knows he's just a jerk sometimes..........i hope she learns that her self worth isn't what she thinks is reflected in his eyes. I did talk to him yesterday and tell him he needed to tell her that isn't how he feels about her. Will he do it? Maybe, maybe not, but it's his loss if he doesn't. He DOES love her, he's just a redneck & too often has a serious case of diarrhea of the mouth.

Sooooooooooo, that's about all that's going on on this front. I'll post some things on the other blog here shortly.

Love and hugs to all



What a great blog! I have had a no-so good week as well! I guess when you like food and not the right food the battle to lose weight will always be there.