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Well, I went for the tests on the lump in my breast. I still don't really know anymore than I did when all this started and it has now been decided that this could actually be a lymph node. So i'll be tested for Lymphoma. I'm not sure what that entails as of yet. Not sure i want to know. I do know that there were some abnormalities in my bloodwork, but i don't think it's too bad whatever it is because the doctor seems content to wait to see what other results show. UGH, hate hate hate waiting. I'm still confident this will turn out to be something very simple and i'll laugh it all off later.

I'm still losing weight. This is a great thing. I'd probably lose it faster if i'd get off the soda's again. I'm working hard on it. You'd think it would be easy, but alas it's not. I'll keep trying though. It'd be alot easier if water just tasted good!!!

Sooooooooo I guess that's about it. Not much going on and no real news yet.

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hope everything will be fine with you....

My thoughts are with you!


I hope everything goes well for you.

I really hope that everything will be okay with your tests. My best friend had a bad experience with doctors, performing mastectomy when there was really no cancer.

God bless..

Thank you all for the sweet thoughts and prayers, both public and private. You all are just wonderful.

Hope the test results are good. Sad that you have to wait as it can be very worrying.

I hope that everything turns out okay - keep your head up!

Ow sweetie...I'm so sorry. I hope everything turns out okay. Please, be strong. And I will have my prayers for you


Checking in to see how you are doing! The waiting is the worst. I spent 3 hours waiting today, and then 2 hours in a recliner getting Immunoglobulin to boost my ability to fight germs. What a long day.
Lymph nodes, being right next to the breast, often are "hot" w/ breast lumps or cancers and some get removed, without it being lymphoma.
My thoughts are with you often, Nessa.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be all okay!