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My First Ever Contest!!!

Looking for advice on certain subjects? Want to give advice on all the good stuff you've learned? Join me at Lilaguide. You can join groups of like minded parents or start one of your own.

I started one called "Moms At Home". The first 10 people that join my group will get a $5 target gift card. You don't have to do anything else, just be one of the first 10.

Additionally, since i think this is a really fun idea to get to know even more about my blogging pals and meet even more, i'm going to run my first contest. The rules are simple:

1.) Join the Group

2.) Post about the Moms At Home group on your blog and invite others to join.

3.) Comment at Nessa's Place so I can enter you.

4.) Winners will be chosen using and be announced June 17th

Now the good part. What will you win? Lets see here.

1st Place-$50 Gift Certificate to the site of your choice ( or cash if you prefer )
2nd Place-$20 Gift Certificate to the site of your choice ( or cash if you prefer )
3rd Place-1500 Entrecredits
20 Honorable Mentions- Crocheted Scrunchie (non beaded) In your choice of colors. See my sale site for design choices.


Hi! I want to join your contest and willing to post this in my blog.

Hope I'll win lol!

Good luck to your very own first contest!

Hi! Thanks for the comment. I came over to leave you one and saw that contest. Of course, I had to enter. I used Connie1013 as the user name.

Have a great Sunday.

Will take a look at Lilaguide.

About your question on my blog, you can take turmeric in the form of a capsule, I take one daily to boost my antioxidants.

Hi there - I joined too. #7 :) I'm dawniemom there.

Hey Gal! I think I got in as #9 but not sure...I've also blogged about your contest here:

Lilaguide looks to be pretty cool!!

I think I'm the 10th sign up! Woot! I also blogged about the contest!