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New Stuff

In my Bzzz'ing today I took a look at a few sites Some of you might like.

Domystuff ( Do MY Stuff) is a site you can post jobs to or even make a few bucks from. There are some work at home opportunities as well as local quick jobs. I think the more people who find out about it the more popular it will be. It's free and really well organized, so check it out if ya get a chance.

Instructables is really cool. It has videos/slides on how to do things. Now i do have to admit it could be set up better but i had a great time looking through the site. I even found a slideshow on how to make seedling pots from newspapers. I'm planting my herb garden this week so i thought this was a super way to get started. Well I say " herb garden", it'll be in pots so that when i move i can take them with me but you get the point. This will be a fun way to start the seeds and a green way to do so as well!!! Total bonus!

And last but not least, for those who want a free Sample of Aveeno Positively Ageless, i only have 5 and they will be going out this week, BUT Aveeno has a site set up where you can request one directly from them. So while they last go get yours.

Well that's it, I have some other things i'm working on trying out but so far i've not gotten enough information to feel comfortable yet in actually recommending anything. Stay tuned :)


Just droppin' by to say thanks for the advert today on Entrecard. :)

I think you're the first BzzAgent and blogger I've come across. I love the Aveeno and just blogged about it today.