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Father's Day is Coming up & Other Stuff

I can't decide what to get my Father. He's literally the guy who has everything and what he doesn't have i sure can't afford. And he's picky as hell anyway. Soooooo i will have to think really hard and see what I can come up with.

I got Hunni something really nice, but he doesn't get it til I see him. Yep, I'm holding it hostage lol. Hopefully i'll get to see him for my birthday or soon after, I miss him like crazy. Got to talk to him for awhile last night, well every night, but it's never long enough when you miss someone. I know he misses me too so it'll work out eventually. Just have to keep the faith and believe in each other.

So, anyway, anyone have any grand plans for Father's Day? I think we're just going to go see my Dad, spend some time there and then come home and watch movies. it'll be a nice day off before the rat race starts again on Monday.

I went to the doctor Tuesday. I'm losing a bit of faith in her i think. I am positive that she's trying very hard to do what she can, but for instance, this week she thinks the pain i have in my arm and shoulder are related
to my shoulder being dislocated. Now i don't know about you, but i feel like i would know if I dislocated my shoulder. PLUS, lets not forget that the lump in my breast and the pain in my shoulder came up at the same time. To me that's not sounding like a coincidence but then I didn't go to medical school either did I?

The lump hasn't gotten bigger, it's the same, and still isn't painful but i still think i have an infection. Maybe that's just what I want it to be. I don't know anymore. I am very grateful though that during the last visit she did realize how much pain I was in and gave me something for pain as well as a muscle relaxer. That thing knocks me out in no time flat. By morning i'm not hurting anymore and i'm relatively pain free for about 30 minutes, before I feel like i'm dying again. Hmmmmm, is it me or was that a little depressing? Wasn't intended to be, but if it helps any, I'm still in a relatively good mood. Work, the kids and Hunni keep me busy so it's all good.

Guess i better go finish my drops. I'm way behind.


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We're just letting daddy sleep in real late, and then a big BBQ. I guess he gets to be king of the castle for the day...then the kids take over again, lol


I'm excited to surprise my guy with his gift. He loves tea and so I'm going to get him an assortment of really nice teas!

That sounds like my Dad. It is impossible to buy him stuff. What ever he wants he just gets and he is super simple in the way that he just doesn't care much about stuff or gadgets, etc...

Good luck.

Also good luck with your medical issues...

Hi there! We are just having dinner tonight to celebrate Dad's Day :)

Can we exchange links?