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Free Moolah Or Credit Monitoring service

Aparently one of the three credit bureaus got busted selling our information. While they felt they did nothing wrong, others felt differently and Transunion was sued in a class action suit. Transunion lost, hehehe and as a result they get to spend $75 million spreading the word about the lawsuit, paying attorneys and other claims. What this means for you and I is a great freebie and maybe a little cash.

If you qualify you can get 3 months of Credit monitoring service for free as well as possibly a cash payment. You may qualify if you had an open line of credit from January 1, 1987 to May 28, 2008. So basically if you had car loans or credit cards, etc, you should qualify. There are three ways to be compensated, to see those and to register for your part go to or call Transunion at (866) 416-3470

As many of you know I work for a fraud service with a major bank and i am all too aware of how not knowing what's on your credit report can really hurt you in the long run. Higher interest rates, being one of the worst culprits. So Transunions' mistake can help quite a few people for 3 months. Check it out and get your share.

Thanks to Heffer P for the Info :)


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that's good they got busted, just what they deserve. i have to get my free copy of my credit report this year.