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Helping Serena, Please Read

About 2 weeks ago, I was contacted by a father desperately looking to help his daughter. His little girl has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. With my cancer scare going on , I know how hard it is for me to cope with the idea that i COULD have cancer. What I cannot fathom or ever want to contemplate is one of my children having it. I just can't imagine thank God.

So, the last 2 weeks it has really bothered me that I really don't have the money to donate to their cause. I wish I did but I just don't. So, i thought about other ways I can help and finally it came to me. I can donate my earnings online. It's money I don't miss because i don't actually have it yet and it would go to a greater good. The question was how to do so without bugging anyone and how to make it as easy as possible for others to participate.

I finally decided on my Lilaguide earnings. I'm an affiliate there and since i know they are above board and easy to deal with, I decided to use them as my fundraising effort. So here's the deal. Join my group at Lilaguide and I will donate 50 cents to Serena for every one that joins between Today, June 22nd, 2008 thru August 22nd, 2008. That's 2 months for us to band together and raise money for a young girl who needs it and help a father desperate to save his childs life. To read more about Serena, click on the pic below.

The best thing about this is:
A. You click a button, enter some information,make sure you join MY group and voila you are done. You just donated to the cause.
B. Make sure you click no email and you will never hear from the group at all. There is no spam from Lilaguide.
C. You never have to participate. I get credit when you join the group. So you have nothing else to do and no further obligations, it IS a really great place for parents though so i highly suggest you check out all it has to offer.
D. You don't have to be a mom. You can be anyone, since as i stated before, you don't have to participate. You just get to help a little girl.
E. Everyone who joins between June 22nd, 2008 thru August 22nd 208, will be entered into a monthly drawing to win 5000 entrecredits.
F. You don't have to blog about this effort but if you do, you get an extra entry in the drawing. You just have to let me know that you did it.
G. Every Monday i will post a new post stating how much we've raised, since this is a group effort after all. All proceeds will be donated in the name of "Bloggers 4 Serena".
H. If you let me know you joined and what your blogger/website URL is, i'll give you a shoutout and free adspace on this blog for a month. So you have not a thing to lose and quite a bit to gain.

For the effort, I made this Icon, feel free to copy the Icon and link it back to this post so that others will know what to do. Put it on your website to advertise the effort, that earns you an entry as well.

To Join go to Moms At Home, make sure you become a member of THIS group. I cannot track you if you just join Lilaguide. Lets see what we can do to help this little girl. As many bloggers as there are out there, I can't imagine that we will fail to at least raise a bit of money for the cause.



Thank you so very much for what you are doing. I, too, was contacted by Serena's father, but was unsure of what to do to incorporate it into my photoblog. I have added your button and a link to your blog on my photoblog. I hope that this is very successful!

I didn't feel right joining your group, as I am not a mother, but I hope that your campaign does a lot of good for Serena and her family!

Hi - This is just awesome. I have added your graphic with a link to this post on my blog and have joined your group for a bit more help for Serena!

I'll be adding another fundraiser for her later today or tommorrow, one way or another I shall find a way to try and help this child. My heart says it's the right thing to do.

Thank you so much for doing this. I've joined the group and would love to participate! It looks like a lot of fun. I am in the same boat as you. I want to give but I'm not in the position to do so at the moment. I'm going now to add the graphic and link! Thanks again!!

Hi, I just joined your group, I hope this campaign is very successful. I just got a contact from her father in my inbox today.. I'll be posting a blog for her on my personal site as well...


Hi - I donated some money about 3 weeks ago for Serena through the blog her dad had put up, yesterday I recieved a refund of that money from her dad, the reason stated, "Serena passed away last Sunday" (heartbreaking)